As we shift toward a greener, more sustainable society, adhering to LEED standards becomes increasingly important. We understand the processes required to reach specific levels of LEED certification, we also have the systems in place to manage these processes and the resources at hand to cary out the job efficiently.  Govan  Brown has successfully completed numerous LEED projects, and is a front-runner in the management of environmentally viable construction practices.

We are committed, along with our sub-trade partners, to achieving and demonstrating sustainability in the facilities we help to build.



Fasken Martineau, Toronto

On the eve of their first move in almost 15 years, Fasken Martineau requested Govan Brown’s services as construction managers to fit-out their newly acquired Bay-Adelaide office.

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Federal Courts

Along with a stringent schedule, a firm budget and sophisticated design elements was the necessity of maintaining a LEED certification when the program was still fairly new to Canada.

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Fidelity Investments

For this particular project, we were challenged to build three separate spaces simultaneously amounting to a total of 160,000 square feet.

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Gluskin Sheff

After 26 years of successful operation as a wealth management firm, Gluskin Sheff decided to move their headquarters to the prestigious Bay-Adelaide Centre.

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The world’s top search engine enlisted the services of Govan Brown to build an amalgamating office that unified Google’s multiple Toronto offices into a single location.

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