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Technological Advantage in a Digital Age: 
Govan Brown has embraced technology since our inception and we continue to evolve along with the latest technological trends. As such, we were awarded the Constructech Vision Award in 2008 for applying innovative technologies to our everyday business processes. 

Integrated Software Solution:
CMiC meets requirements of companies in the construction sector by fully integrating all departments and functions onto a single, scalable database. By taking advantage of the CMiC solution, we have successfully managed information required for the entire construction project lifecycle and offer project stakeholders real-time access to their project from any location around the world. 


Other Technical Highlights: 
Along with the benefits of fibre internet, VoIP phone system and online collaboration portals, Govan Brown uses interactive video and web conferencing platforms to communicate with project stakeholders and key players.  In addition to these programs, Govan Brown is in the process of implementing DocuSign and CMiC Mobile which will further reduce the exchange of paper and save time. 

On Site Decision-Making: 
All of our projects have Senior Site Managers right on site as opposed to working from inside an office.  For our clients, this means faster, more knowledgeable decision-making, greater accountability and tighter controls.

Dedicated Project Close-Out Team:  
From our experience, we know that closing jobs can be challenging for our clients. To improve this experience,  Govan Brown assigns dedicated close-out teams to close each project. Govan Brown will complete a deficiency inspection with the project's architect and or designer, prepare a report and manage outstanding issues.  A complete operational record of the project is provided to the client at close-out.

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