A sustainable and steadfast marketplace, Winnipeg showcases a unique cross section of innovative and historic builds which celebrate the deep prairie roots while embracing change and growth. Gentrification into the downtown core has opened the marketplace to urban housing and loft spaces while residential areas continue to grow creating opportunities for new housing and commercial spaces to support this growth. The conference board of Canada predicts Manitoba will be the leader in GDP growth among all Canadian Provinces in 2017 and economists expect Winnipeg to generate sustained growth for many years.

With a number of world renowned companies calling Winnipeg home, Govan Brown understands the importance of investing in the local market and establishing an office supported by local talent to service Manitoba and the Prairies.



1-1596 Regent Avenue West
Suite 351
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C 4H4

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P: 403.605.2560

Contact: Trevor Howie

Contact: Andrew Wilson


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